Business Valuation

In today’s business climate, understanding the factors that contribute to value is critical for companies of all sizes. Ongoing changes in financial reporting standards, legal and regulatory requirements, tax legislation and policies, debt and equity markets and the business law framework have brought business valuations to the core of corporate decision making.

At Kalex Valuations Inc., our team of valuation specialists can determine the value of business interests, securities, derivatives and tangible and intangible assets.

Our approach is practical, efficient, insightful and logical reflecting our team’s extensive experience in a variety of valuation situations including:

  • Tax-related valuations: corporate reorganizations; income tax planning, filings and compliance; tax disputes; intellectual property migration
  • Financial statement disclosures and reserves; contingent tax liability estimates
  • Transaction-related valuations: corporate reorganizations; acquisitions/divestitures; evaluation of financing; Formal Valuations (MI 61-101); fairness opinions
  • Financial reporting and regulatory: purchase price allocations; impairment testing; financial instruments; ESOPs and restricted shares
  • Dispute-related valuations: matrimonial disputes; corporate/commercial disputes; shareholder/partner disputes; estate disputes; second opinions and critiques of other valuation reports; expropriations
  • Strategic valuations: succession/estate planning; income tax planning; drafting shareholders’ agreements; establishing management / employee remuneration; business modelling.

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